Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Project 52 - Week 7: Good eeeevening...

... weee are reprrresenting... the Hubba... Gubba... Tea Company... of Tibet.

Would you like some teeea?

Some informations in the event of a WTF emergency : D
Gong (the band)
The Outer Temple (song and lyrics)
The Flying Teapot
Costume photos
(not mine of course, but he has the best I've seen of this costume).

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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Project 52 - Week 6: Valentine's, er... "special"

A belated Valentine's entry - Videogame Romance

Apologies to all the Mario x Peach shippers, but the Gameboy original canon gave me more ideas than the main console games (yeah, yeah there's no "your princess is in another [X]" in Super Mario Land). : p

And what is it about L4D fan art that just gets you hooked once you start doing it?

Oh well, until next time!

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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Project 52 - Week 5

A bit late with this submission. Last week was rather hectic
and I spent the free time I usually have catching up with work. : O

Another "Soulsnatchers" character in the pipeline.
This is Meg, named after Megara the Fury from whom she is descended.
Her job is mainly to track down those who have been marked by the Soulsnatchers team. She does this with the use of her left eye (a kind-of "eye of judgment"), which when activated can pick up the individual energy patterns of each of their targets. It can also pick up negative or corrupted energy patterns, so not only can she weed out the worst of mankind, she cannot be lied to.

The third eye is an enhancement for supernatural energy, for instance if the team are after a rogue demon. This can't be used for too long though as it is far more physically draining.

It's also rumoured she and Lu may have had a thing for each other at one point.

I'm still working on trying to make sense of her character so it's very likely that some details will be changed (some significantly) to work better with the story and the mythology (a cross between Greco-roman and the Christian view of hell).

As for the drawing, I only realised after I'd inked everything that I'd kind of messed up her hands and legs (the most obvious flaw being that the left hand and leg on the full figure are too big). I'm still tweaking some of the character designs and others still need to be done at all, so when I've got them roughly how I want them, I'm going to draw up some proper character sheets.

Anyway, I promise this week's drawing will be up on time! : D

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