Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Weeks 33 and 34 - Soulsnatchers pages for BICS

Continuing with comic work for the MC² BICS banner, I redid the first two pages from a Soulsnatchers oneshot that I'd entered for Tokyopop's RSOM contest a few years back (never bothered with the contest after that either!).

My drawing ability and technique have come a long way since then (I'm a lot better with anatomy and perspective for a start). I also ditched the greyscale shading it originally had because I think black and white suits it much better.
I'd be very grateful to receive input from others so I can improve it further when I eventually start the story properly.

Deviantart linkDeviantArt link

If you're really curious, here are the original pages for comparison. :B
Page 1
Page 2
I changed the scenery on the first page because I wanted it to look more like a rundown part of town than a city scape.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Weeks 31 and 32 - Preparing for BICS

Been a couple of weeks at least since I last uploaded anything. I've been preparing stuff for the British Internation Comic Show next month, including artwork for the Midlands Comics Collective exhibition banner and free sampler comic that we'll be handing out at our table.

First up is the brief bio and cartoon portrait for the sampler:
(I'm not that bad with cats, but they are distracting bundles of cute (mostly!) : P )
DeviantArt link

And second is a new drawing of Alusius to go on the MC2 banner:

DeviantArt link

There's more BICS/ comic related artwork to come in the run up to the show, but I should be back to regularly scheduled uploading within a week or so. : )

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Project 52 - Weeks 29 and 30: Requests and daft things

Another two-fer this week!
First up is character request my friend made while at Amecon (drawing his character in my style). I've been trying out some more dynamic poses recently and I think I'm getting better at them. : )DeviantArt link

Second is some Professor Layton/ Futurama inspired silliness:

For some odd reason, whenever Don Paolo escapes I always imagine him running away like Dr Zoidberg. : P

DeviantArt link