Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Project 52 Week 11 - Bike Plane! (WIP)


Idea for this came from a conversation about dentistry, in which the words "bite plane" were misheard.
Just a work-in-progress sketch for now, later on I'm going to clean it up and colour and ink it properly as a DeviantArt ID.

I also need new pens, the one I was using just about made it through the sketch!
Also, sorry if the quality isn't so good. I had to take a photo and alter the B/W levels since I'm currently without a scanner.

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Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Project 52 - Week 10: Inspector Cass

Another tentative Soulsnatchers design.

Detective Inspector Vincent Cass, leading the investigation about the worryingly increasing number of people going missing, courtesy of Alusius and co.
I can't say much about his character without spoiling the plot, but for his design I was going for a guy in his late forties/ early fifties and very slightly scruffy (also not terribly worried about staying in shape).
I've had him almost as long as Alusius (about 4 years now) and originally his face was loosely based on Kim Coates.
As with everyone else, his design will probably be subject to change as I work more on the story.

C&C appreciated.

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Saturday, 13 March 2010

Project 52 - Week 9: "What's so special about that kid..."

"... that you're willing to risk your body for him?"
"Just keep doing your job and leave me to do mine."

Or something to that effect.
A quick scene test between "Doc" and Alusius. Apologies in advance for the roughness!

I know these tests are usually in the form of very rough pencilled thumbs, but I wanted to at least ink it up a bit so it'd be good enough as my week 9 (and so people could make more sense of it!).

No dialogue or proper backgrounds yet since they're still undecided, so I just concentrated on the characters and interaction for now.

Personally I think it'll still need fixing up quite a lot as far as body language goes since they're not as expressive, fluid or "shapely" as I'd like (Doc's body for instance was to have much more of a curve to it to highlight his body shape and habit of looming over people).
I'm not too keen on a lot of things to do with Alusius either, mainly to do with his arms and legs being out of perspective (bigger than thy should appear), but also the trouser folds between his legs.

I'd be very grateful for any critique and suggestions!

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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Week 7 - The Doc

Another week, another SS rough character sketch.
This guy is the group's medic. I haven't got a suitable name for him yet, so "The Doc" will be his working title for now.
As well as patching everyone up, he is also in charge of the creation of various formulas for use on the job (including a cell regenerator for Alusius). Despite the crazy-looking eyes, he's actually rather sane. Just a bit... high strung I suppose.
The original inspiration for him actually came from a dream I had years ago (Meg too), so I'm glad my subconscious actually has some use. : D
I'd like to work on his costume a bit since it's rather generic at the moment. Not something terribly elaborate but still a bit more distinctive.

More to come soon!
C&C welcome as usual.

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