Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Week 7 - The Doc

Another week, another SS rough character sketch.
This guy is the group's medic. I haven't got a suitable name for him yet, so "The Doc" will be his working title for now.
As well as patching everyone up, he is also in charge of the creation of various formulas for use on the job (including a cell regenerator for Alusius). Despite the crazy-looking eyes, he's actually rather sane. Just a bit... high strung I suppose.
The original inspiration for him actually came from a dream I had years ago (Meg too), so I'm glad my subconscious actually has some use. : D
I'd like to work on his costume a bit since it's rather generic at the moment. Not something terribly elaborate but still a bit more distinctive.

More to come soon!
C&C welcome as usual.

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