Saturday, 13 March 2010

Project 52 - Week 9: "What's so special about that kid..."

"... that you're willing to risk your body for him?"
"Just keep doing your job and leave me to do mine."

Or something to that effect.
A quick scene test between "Doc" and Alusius. Apologies in advance for the roughness!

I know these tests are usually in the form of very rough pencilled thumbs, but I wanted to at least ink it up a bit so it'd be good enough as my week 9 (and so people could make more sense of it!).

No dialogue or proper backgrounds yet since they're still undecided, so I just concentrated on the characters and interaction for now.

Personally I think it'll still need fixing up quite a lot as far as body language goes since they're not as expressive, fluid or "shapely" as I'd like (Doc's body for instance was to have much more of a curve to it to highlight his body shape and habit of looming over people).
I'm not too keen on a lot of things to do with Alusius either, mainly to do with his arms and legs being out of perspective (bigger than thy should appear), but also the trouser folds between his legs.

I'd be very grateful for any critique and suggestions!

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