Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Here be dragons!

Okay so I lied, there's only one :P
Had a few setbacks before the holiday (including losing my laptop... again), so this past week I've been up until the small hours of the morning doing as much as I possibly can.
Two more videos, the first is one third of the finalised animatic complete with Mr Lee's marvellous voice and the second is a rough animation of the first scene.

The sound ends rather abruptly, which I'll be fixing when I have the animation finished. Also I want to beef it up to give the final blow more of an impact.
Eventually it'll lead into the scene which was illustrated in the animatic that I posted before (which has also been given an upgrade since then).

For the animation, I want to make the wings curve upwards when they're raised and this is proving rather difficult to achieve in 3D space. So far the only solutions I've found are expensive plug-ins for After Effects, or have an insanely detailed knowledge of how the bone rigging system works in Anime Studio, of which I currently have neither. If anyone has any suggestions, I'd be glad to hear them!
Also, as my good friend Richard pointed out, it might be an idea to have the dragon fly upwards slightly before the dive to give it a more fluid look.

As a parting gift, two "in progress" images of the next part of the animation, which should hopefully be finished by tomorrow evening. I know I said I'd post character designs, but I'm just mean like that ; ) :

And one really silly one that took all of ten minutes. The fluffy cat's mine, the black one sitting outside is her arch nemesis (10 points to the first one to point out the reference) :D

Time for precious sleep ;_ ;


andypearsall said...

metal gear solid!!!

Ryuuza said...

You are correct sir!
Sorry, no prizes I'm afraid ;)

andypearsall said...

dragon movement needs work! he should bob up and down with the flapping, i think vtc has a tutorial on the butterfly animation and he uses scripting to create the movement.