Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Project 52: Week 16 - Dargor the Shadowlord

Still catching up! Only two to go now...

The new Rhapsody of Fire album (The Frozen Tears of Angels) was released at the end of April, so I decided to draw my version of Dargor the Shadowlord from the Emerald Sword and Dark Secret sagas to celebrate.

Some of you will have seen this design before from my final BA project which was to develop a mock trailer for a film based on the RoF albums. Inspiration for his design included your typical black knight, the judges from Final Fantasy XII and Nathan Explosion. : D
Been a long time since he last saw the light of day though and I didn't remember how much I liked drawing the characters until now. : )

Sometime soon I'd like to finish it off properly as I ran out of time to give it some polish.

(Yes I often like cheese with my music thanks!)

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