Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Project 52: Weeks 21 and 22 - The beginnings of an Amecon comic print

For Amecon this year, I've decided to follow on from my conbook submission by doing another comic page to sell as a print, this time a convention "bestiary" of sorts. Just picture everything said in David Attenborough's voice and that's the basic idea. : D

So until then, I'm uploading ideas one by one. Numero uno:

If you've been to a convention at all, it's likely that there will have been at least one group of people sitting in a dark corner with their DSes and PSPs (and not doing much else for the duration).

Second for today:
'Nuff said really!

(anyone not familiar with Japanese rock bands, check out visual kei for majorly androgynous dudes that make anime hairstyles look easy)

The final thing will be in colour, once I've sorted out which ideas I want to keep.

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