Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Soulsnatchers Issue 1 taster!

Hi all, been a while!

Soulsnatchers is now underway and the first issue will be available at MCM Expo in May. I had some taster copies with me at Birmingham Comic Con last weekend which will also be available at Kitacon from the 13th-15th April (along with some other neat stuff), but in case you missed out I've posted the pages here for your perusal.

Page 01:

Page 02:

Page 03:

Page 04:

Page 05:

Page 06:

They have also been upload to my DeviantART gallery here: http://ryuuza-san.deviantart.com

Pages will be given a further sprucing up before then and I'll be setting up an Indiegogo page shortly to help raise funds for the printing costs for issues 1 and 2 (the second of which will be available at October Expo if not before), so hopefully this will keep you guys interested enough to make a pledge towards it. ;)

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