Sunday, 31 January 2010


Happy week 4 everyone, have a hunter.

Drawn with a 2B pencil, inked with a rollerball and brush pen, coloured with watercolour pencils.
I'm trying some more dynamic poses at the moment and this has turned out quite a bit better than I'd hoped.
Changed the red levels to give the colours a bit of a boost, but they still seem a bit murky and areas like the left hand don't stand out as well as I needed them to. Also the silhouette isn't too strong as the hand crosses over his right leg.

I want to turn this into a full colour piece with background at some point so I'm going to keep working into it with the pencils. Hopefully continuing to build up the colour in the shaded areas will give it a lot more vibrancy and depth when I wash over it.
As usual, if anyone has any critiques or tips I'm all ears (or eyes in this case).

Also, I apologise for any mistakes in the design. I didn't have any references to hand when I'd passed the initial sketching stage!

Hunter and Left 4 Dead © Valve

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