Thursday, 14 January 2010

Project 52 challenge - the drawing edition!

DeviantArt is currently hosting a photography contest called the Project 52 photography challenge, in which users submit one photo per week to their gallery (on the theme of "progression") throughout 2010.
I thought this was a really neat idea, not just as a contest, but as a challenge to one's self.
So what I'm going to get myself to do is a similar thing with my drawing. At least one piece (not job related) a week throughout 2010 which will be posted both to here and to my DA gallery.
I'm going to use this challenge as a way to boost my drawing skills and confidence as well as a means of getting my comic story "Soulsnatchers" off the ground.
It'd also be very cool if anyone else wants to take up the challenge themselves! : D

I do realise I haven't used this blog in an extremely long time as I hadn't really felt like I had much to contribute, so this is going to be its long awaited revival.

Hope everyone's having a good 2010 so far, all the best!
- Ryuuza

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