Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Convention progress!

Since I'm not uploading much in the way of art at the moment, thought I might as well post a bit of an update on how things are going in preparation for Ayacon and the upcoming May MCM Expo.
On the arty front, I've got a few print ideas in the pipeline. I've not got the layout sketches scanned in, but here's a rough idea so far:
*Portal 2 - Chell jumping through a ceiling portal with Wheatley and a companion cube (and GLaDOS spying through the portal).
*Tron: Legacy - Sam starting up a light cycle, with the light cycle itself still in wireframe form.
*LoZ: Twilight Princess - Link battling Stallord (with a few Staltroops thrown in).

I'm hoping to at least have the Portal 2 and Tron prints ready for Expo and things seem to be heading that way at the moment, which is good. : )

Cosplay-wise, for Ayacon I'll be taking three costumes with me:
*LoZ Ocarina of Time Link (about 90% finished thanks to Kitacon at the beginning of April)
*Resident Evil 2 Claire Redfield (about 40% finished, with all the material cut out but not sewn)
*Mystery "Yami no Matsuei" cosplay (not started yet, but got all the material)

I entered the Link costume into Kita's cosplay competition, but unfortunately sudden work deadlines meant it couldn't be finished to the level I wanted and I had to use a bought pair of leggings, which probably counted against me in a big way.
The sword and shield on the other hand, I'm quite happy with save for a few touch-ups. I used coloured vinyl with adhesive mirror for the metal and it turned out really well (got quite a few compliments so must have been doing something right!).
Anyway, here are a couple of pictures taken after the competition (taken with Nert's camera by a mate who was standing in for him - ignore the twisted bit of the strap. : P):
Link photo 1
Link photo2

Not much needs to be done to it as it is, especially since I'm not going to be entering any more contests with it, but time-permitting I want to redo the hems and sleeves on the tunic and white shirt, stiffen the collar of the white shirt, make the leggings, tighten the belts and sew some backing onto the scabbard strap (hot glue does NOT work on vinyl surfaces!).

Post Ayacon, I've got tentative plans to do Luther Lansfeld, "The Creator", from Star Ocean 3. There aren't many good pictures of him floating around and there are virtually none of his spear/blade thing so I had to approximate what it would look like from some blurry Youtube video screenshots. Initial sketches look promising though so fingers crossed!

Hope everyone had a good Easter holiday!

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