Friday, 11 February 2011

Works in Progress

Hi all!
Just wanted to give a quick update about a couple of projects I'm working on (one of which I'd love to get some feedback on!).

Recently, I've acquired Fatal Frame/ Project Zero 4 for the Wii after several months of wondering whether I could get it to work (seeing as it's a Japanese-only release). Well the good news was that it did and it also inspired me to do my first piece of PZ related artwork.
This is of one of the main characters, Misaki Asou, and Ayako Haibara, a ghost who you meet (i.e battle) early on in the game.

I've laid down some flat colours underneath a pencil sketch and am now working on a few surface textures before I finish off the shading (started on the wood for the desk and shelves and will follow it with the grime on the mannequin parts). The finished piece will be a lot darker and grungier, so hopefully there are no worries about it being too "cheerful" for now. : D

As I said, I'd love to get some feedback on it so far and if anyone's got any helpful hints, they'd be very welcome!

Second, I've decided to submit a piece for the Kitacon conbook as well. I've started work on some preliminary sketches for an illustration featuring the two convention mascots. Can't say much more about it for now, but rest assured it will be suitably geeky (based on a certain movie that was released in the last couple of months). ; )

I'll post some more updates in the coming weeks along with any new artwork. Need to start sorting stuff out for convention prints!


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